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 ホットヨガを離れたのち、オーストラリアのバイロンベイにあるByron Bay Yoga Centreにてティーチャートレーニングに参加。様々な国のクラスメイトとヨガを深めていく。英語でのレクチャーということもあり、色々と大変だったが、とても良い経験に。現在ではその時に培った英語でのレクチャーでバイリンガルヨガを指導中。


 また、2010年より、インド チェンナイにあるKrishnamacharya Yoga Mundiramの分校のVedavaniにて2年間のヴェーディックチャンティングのティーチャートレーニングを修了。まだ日本では認知度が低いヴェーディックチャンティングを広めようと現在活動中。


 そもそもヴェーディックチャンティングとの出会いは、某フィットネスジムでのクラス。そこで私もChantingをレッスンの中でおこないたいと思い、鵠沼にあるstudio jyotiへ。約2年程通い、上記の学校へ。 



現在は、フィットネス、ヨガスタジオ、公民館などでハタヨガ、クリパルヨガを指導。Hello Yoga の編集者としても活動中。そしてヨガジェネレーションのパブリックジャーナリストとしても活動し、インド旅行記を掲載。



☆KHYF(Krishnamacharya Healing Yoga Fundation) 



☆全米ヨガアライアンス 500時間修了


☆米国クリパルセンター公認ヨガ教師 200時間修了





I first encountered yoga in 2005, going to my first studio after a friend recommended that it was "good for poor circulation."


At the time, my dream was to work abroad, and I was lucky to have the opportunity to work in Switzerland for four months in 2006. I felt that I should have some kind of specialized skill in order to function abroad. During my childhood, I practiced many gymnastics apparatus and was good at movement. Going down the path of becoming a yoga instructor was almost a natural transition.


After returning to Japan, I taught "Hot Yoga"for a year and a half. With further studies, I discovered that yoga was beneficial not only on a physical level, but also for cultivating one's mind.


After leaving the "Hot Yoga"studio I travelled to Australia to study a five-hundread hourslevel, Yoga Alliance registered course at the Byron Yoga Centre in 2009.


It was really tough learning Yoga in English but it was a good experience which provided benefits. Currently I'm teaching yoga in Japanese and English(based in Japan).


From 2010, I've been enrolled in a two-years Vedic Chanting teacher training course at Vedavani(India). I'm trying to spread Vedic Chanting which is less popular in Japan. While attending fitness-style yoga classes, I came across Vedic Chanting and was pulled in by its charms. I eventually took private lessons for 2years, after that I joined teacher training in Vedavani.


Returning home to Japan, I have been teaching Hatha Yoga at fitness clubs and community halls ets. I also been active as an editor for Hello and public journalist for Yoga Generation.



   KHYF(Krishnamacharya Healing Yoga Fundation) Vedic chanting teacher training


   Yoga Alliance 500hours


   Kripaku teacher training 200-hr